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Buiding a Website
February, 2014
July, 2014
Buiding a Website

Keeping up the eShop....
7/7/2014 9:25:54 PM
How to keep your store fresh is key to keeping folks interested in your site.  You have to add new product on a regular basis to ensure they keep coming back.  However, this does take some time to maintain.  The largest part I have found is taking pictures, editing them and getting a good solid description format for the site.  On average I spend 20 - 30 minutes to do the prep work and get an item posted in the store.  I realize this is important but it does take more time than I anticipated.  Being new I am also working on text formatting and how to show multiple pictures of an item.  More to come as we are making this site a priority.
Building a woodworking website
2/5/2014 10:31:26 PM
After trying eBay, Etsy and Facebook we have decided to enter into the world of our own custom website.  i will work to chronicle the jouney and the learnings along the way.

The first step is finding a hosting vendor...  After may hours of research we have chosen to go with inmotion hosting.  The reasons are their reputation and the tools availalbe to make this easier.  We have started off by using thier sitebuilder tool.  While it does sacrifice some flexibility it allows you to get started quikcly and establish a presence.  More to come...   :-)

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